While COVID-19 is affecting so many people around the world, many people of our oldest generations are in isolation, quarantined, and bored. Now is a great time to connect with and learn from them.

What is Ask3Gens?

Ask3Gens is a social media campaign dedicated to accelerating the younger 4gens ability to seek knowledge from the oldest 3gens.

Ask, Ask, Ask!

Use the hashtag #ask3gens on social media to signify that you:

  • are a 4gen (X, Millenial, Z) with an ask 
  • are a 3gen (Greatest, Silent, Boomer) available to answer
  • are any gen able to connect an offline 3gen willing to answer 
  • have a project to collect, preserve, or share 3gen knowledge

Don’t know which gen is which? Check out our who’s who page!

How Ask3Gens Works:

  • ASKS:
    • Ask if you are a 4gen (X, Millenial, Z)
    • Use #ask3gens to find out about experiences unique to older people, or a specific generation (eg., “During World War II how did you…?”  “On the first Earth Day, what did you…. ?”)
    • If you’re asking, always be courteous.  Even if you want to know how something failed, be polite.
    • Don’t use #ask3gens for facts and stories you can find in a web search
    • Don’t use #ask3gens to foster political debate – there are plenty of other places to do that!
    • Answer if you are a 3gen (Greatest, Silent, Boomer) OR
    • Answer if you can provide a connection to an offline 3gen with an answer
    • Willing to answer means willingness to answer subject to availability– You’re not committing to 24/7 availability. 
  • Projects, Organizations, Companies (“Projects”)
    • If you have a project or a company, you can also send the web address (URL) to us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  
    • We will try to auto-confirm that the posts are legitimate, and periodically update our webpage with the links. 


  • IS working to promote the good work of others by relaying the names & URLs of projects
  • IS working to accelerate asks and offer matching by creating a single shared hashtag
  • IS working to make the younger 4 generations aware of the immediately available access
  • IS asking people to determine/help 3 generations they know without social media
  • IS NOT building its own platform of videos, interviews, or Q&A’s


Be aware there are always some bad people looking to take advantage of a good thing.  

Don’t give any information that could be used to steal your identity. 

For example, don’t give:

  • Your birthdate
  • Your middle name
  • Your mother or father’s name
  • Your social security, drivers license, or medicare numbers

Don’t give any information that would put you at risk of harm or theft.

For example, don’t give:

  • Your address or a description that would make you easy to find
  • Information about your savings, wealth, or belongings

Any Questions?

Check out additional projects dedicated to knowledge transfer on our projects page.

Updates coming as the movement grows! Now, go ask! #ask3gens