About Us

Mission Statement

Ask3Gens is dedicated to rapidly accelerating knowledge transfer between the 3 oldest generations and the 4 youngest.  

Why now?

“When an elder dies, a library burns.” It’s an old proverb that’s particularly meaningful right now, with a rapidly spreading disease that is disproportionately affecting the oldest populations. Right now, those populations are being rapidly quarantined or isolated, radically increasing the number who will be alone. Whether you’d like to learn first hand about rationing and curfews during World War II or whether there was a plant leaf that was used as a face mask before modernization, now is the time to ask. If you want to know a disappearing recipe or a trick for fixing a particular antique motorcycle, now is the time to ask.

How did this project come about? Check out our story for more.

Our Team

The vision for Ask3Gens started when one person, who is in a COVID-19 high risk category, loved the sentiment behind being asked “are you ok?” and “do you need anything?” but by the sixth day in quarantine at home, wished people would ask her something else.  

Karina Chung, Alex Mazansky, Victoria Li, David Yao, Amanda von Goetz
The tech work for this campaign has been led by a talented high school student in NY, who coded and recruited friends and classmates to help, mentored by a world-touring Juilliard musician, turned MIT grad & startup CEO.

Erin Magennis
Launch has been led by a Wisconsin entrepreneur, storyteller, web designer, mindset coach, yoga instructor – and that’s all one talented human being!

Amy Thompson
The Story was contributed by a Narrative Specialist in Montana.

Adriana Pavon
The founder of a fashion incubator in Detroit was the first to translate some of our message into Spanish.  Other language volunteers are welcome!

The social good consciousness of this campaign was provided by the awesome HATCH community. Thanks to Yarrow Kraner, Sheryl Winarick, Benjamin VonWong, and Eric Cheng for inspiration, advice, and counsel.

At present, we are a self-organizing group of people looking to help during this time.  We’ll be back soon with a more formal statement about the team.


If you wish to volunteer, we can use help with almost everything! Please visit our social media pages!

Apologies if there is a long response time, as our team is volunteers only at this time.