Who’s Who: The Gens

There are 7 generations alive today.  We’re trying to foster the transfer of knowledge from the oldest 3gens to the youngest 4gens. We’ve noticed that some people aren’t sure of who’s in which generation, so providing a little context below.  

NOTE that the oldest generations have lower use of social media (28% for the Silents, 59% for the Boomers)* so younger generations likely need to help with the connecting!


Oldest 3gens:

GenAge in 2020BornWhen They Were Teens
Greatest93+pre-1928Swing & Jazz
Candlestick phone
Silent75-921928-1945Big Band 
Dial phone
Baby Boom56-741946-1964Rock & Roll, Soul, Disco
Push button phone

Youngest 4gens:

GenAge in 2020Born When They Were Teens
X40-551965-1980Rap, HipHop, Grunge
Mobile phone
Millennial24-391981-1996Spotify, Pandora
Instagram, TikTok
AlphaUnder 102011-??